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The LABOMED® Prima Mu microscope was designed to address a variety of needs in clinical environments, thanks to a highly modular form factor with the very best in optical, illumination, and mechanical engineering.

A well corrected apochromatic optical system coated with proprietary Maxlite™ coatings mean physicians see images of the highest color fidelity with virtually no chromatic or spherical aberration

An efficient LED light source provides well over 75,000 lux, with an estimated run time of 50,000 hours. A highly fluid mechanical design provides for smooth and accurate microscope positioning.

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The PRIMA Mµ can be configured for dental surgery using a high performance, tilting observation head and the NuVar™ CMO with variable focal length from 300mm to 400mm. This ergonomic arrangement facilitates superb imaging and a comfortable working posture suitable for dental procedures.


- 0-210 ° tilting ergonomic observation head

- 3-step magnification changer

- Wide field 10X eyepieces with lockable diopter

- Dental carrier

- CMO: Fixed or Nu Var™ (F300 - 400) with protector lens.

- Shadow-free illumination


  • Eyepiece

    WF 10X/18mm with retractable eye guards, diopter adjustment ±5mm with diopter lock; optional: WF 12.5X/18mm

  • Binocular Tube

    45° inclined (standard), 0-210° inclinable, straight head (optional)

  • Apochromatic Magnichanger

    0.6X, 1.0X, 1.6X

  • Built-in-Filters

    Green & Yellow

  • Vertical Movement of arm

    ± 250 mm, power saving feature with light cut-off in park position

  • Mounting Options

    Floor stand, wall mount and ceiling mount

  • Objective

    f-250 mm with fine focus (standard); Options: NuVar with focal length adjustment f-300-400 mm, f-200-400 mm; f-300 mm or f-400 mm with fine focus; f-200 mm fixed objective; objective lens protector.

  • Light Source

    27W LED / 75K lux

  • Stand

    H-base on 4 locking castor wheels

  • Microscope carriers

    120° carrier

  • Package Contents
    • Tools for Securing Base and Pillar
    • Sterilizable Knob Covers
    • Nylon Dust Cover
  • Accessories (Optional)
      Accessories (Optional)
    • Assistant viewer bridge
    • Beam splitters (straight/inclined)
    • Ergonomic viewing tube, tilting 0 - 210 ÌŠ
    • ProLine accessories and camera adapters
    • T-handle kit (dual front handle is optional)
    • Dual handle



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