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Omsons Twaddle Glass Hydrometer

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  • Category: Hydrometer

The Twaddle hydrometer is mainly used to determine the density of denser liquids. It also has applications in chemistry and metallurgy, where the density of solutions plays a role.

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Omsons Twaddle Glass Hydrometer comes in 2 variants:

  1. Twaddle Glass Hydrometer
  2. Twaddle Glass Hydrometer with NABL Certificate
  • Shot & Wax Poised
  • Adjusted For Use At 20°C


Cat. No Range Twaddle
2089 0-26/Tw No.1
2090 24-50/Tw No.2
2091 48-74/Tw No.3
2092 72-104/Tw No.4
2093 102-138/Tw No.5
2094 136-174/Tw No.6

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