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Semi Automatic Rotary Microtome

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Semi Automatic Rotary Michrotome SS-1059 provides utmost reliability. user benefit and utmost operator  comfort. Great basic stability and precision makes this microtome a real multi purpose instrument that meets the requirements in both the paraffin and hard sectioning techniques of the biological, medical and industrial laboratories.

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Features :

  • HMI Screen shows the slice and trimming thickness, section counter and keyboards with controls for thickness mode and speed
  • Special function of specimen retraction helps avoid the damage that occurs due to attrition between the sample and the back of the knife, so that the sectioning is smooth and the life of the knife is longer.
  • The hand wheel can be locked in any position to ensure that the sectioning is safe. 
  • The waste tray can be disassenbled easily.

Technical data:

Ranges of Thickness             : 0um to 60um

Increments                             : 0.5um to 60um electronically adjustable

Trimming Thickness               : 0um to 60um

Horizontal Specimen Adv       : 28mm

Vertical Stroke                        : 60mm

Specimen Retraction              : 0um to 20um

Specimen Size                       : upto 30mm x 30mm

Specimen Orientation            : X and Y axis 8o Z axis 360o

Electrical Data                       : 230 volts, 50 Hz Single Phase AC

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