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Tissue Flotation Bath (Round)

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For precise control of different samples at constant temperature. It is ideal for tissue culture, enzyme reactions, fermentations, tissue section processing etc. Ideally suited for preparing distortion less wrinkle free tissue specimens.

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  • It is round and double walled.
  • The inner and outer chambers are made of aluminium.
  • The inner chambers are finished in black and the outer walls are finished in MS powder coating with wide rims.
  • Temperature is controlled by imported capillary type thermostat.

Technical Data

Capacity of water bath : 2-3 liters 

Temp range : Ambient to 70°C 

Temp accuracy : ±2°C 

Working Chamber Size    : 205 x 205 x 52mm

Power Supply                   : 220V, 50 Hz Single Phase


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