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Deb Scientific has been supplying all types of Laboratory and Scientific equipments for the last 37 years.
Located in the heart of Kolkata, we have been supplying equipments to major Laboratories dealing with Pathology, Microbiology,Histopathology,Blood Banks etc,as well as Hospitals, Research Institutes and other industries all over India. We provide quality products at affordable prices. Prompt delivery and service is our watchword. Our goodwill till date remains unmatched.                 
At Deb Scientific, we are the authorized dealers of all products from renowned companies like Labomed, Remi, Aimil, Omsons etc.
We have diversified into supplying equipments for Agriculture, Dairy,Fisheries and Cosmetic industries amongst others.
We at Deb Scientific, also supply all Laboratory equipments for Schools, Colleges and other Research Institutes.
Deb Scientific does project set ups on a turnkey basis.
Deb Scientific is currently the only manufacturer of FNAC Handles in India.
Our aim is to provide quality equipments at the best prices to all our customers. Your feedback is critical for our growth and developement. We hope to serve you better with each passing day. 




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